When I started @SAUCEink, it was because of a bag. A bag I saw on Vogue (I can't even remember which bag it was now). I thought to myself, wouldn't it be nice if I could just purchase that bag right now. But I couldn't, and that was when it hit me. Wouldn't it be nice to have a magazine that I could click the items in it and buy it. That was when it all began. (I did write about this before… the emotions were different, somewhat.) I was blogging then, I blogged a lot, about everything. #amazingbook #blackberry #blogging #instagram #investors #newyork #princessa #sauceink #sexinthecity #touchscreens #vlogger #vogue #wriersdream #writingstories http://www.sabrina.sg/blog/2017/10/dream-big-take-a-chance-sauceink/

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This post was “pulled over” from Instagram, so the formatting isn’t all that perfect. If you’re on IG too, follow us @melfann and @princessadiary!


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